"At Vayne, we offer raised metal high shine bars to beautifully finish each collection piece with your own personalised branding"

About the brand

Vayne specialises in the production and personalisation of genuine and vegan leather accessories. The company is present on many social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Vayne specialises in individually personalising their collection pieces with the buyers’ initials or name using hardware metal letters or engraved on a high shine metal bar. 

Vayne envisions itself as a preppy chic lifestyle brand that chooses lifestyle or fashion pieces that can easily fit into individuals everyday life. Maintaining a minimal yet lux appeal, the company’s collection pieces are designed to stay relevant for many fashion seasons. 

Vaynes inspiration came from a need to create a truly personalised luxury accessory that felt and looked special and customised. As many other businesses chose to foil stamp (which at times can look like a sticker) Vayne chose to take it one step further by adding 3D discreet metal lettering to each collection piece at a competitive price point. Now everyone can enjoy a luxury piece without breaking the bank.

Our Story

At Vayne we love personalised collection pieces. But with other brands only foil stamping, the Vayne Team found the need for hardware personalisation. As a result, metal personalisation was born with each of our collection piece is personalised with metal letters or engraved on our blank metal bars. We allow the customer a true taste of luxury with teamed with a quality service. 

No longer reserved for large brands, create your own personal branded collection piece with hardware personalisation by Vayne.

What we do

At Vayne, we offer personalisation with raised metal letter hardware or engraved metal bars to beautifully finish each collection piece with your own personalised branding. Where other brands only offer foil stamping, Vayne offers beautiful raised metal hardware made to last. 

Add a personal touch to your next purchase, with a luxurious look and feel.

Why we use Metal Hardware

Hardware metal monogramming creates a 3D sturdy finish to any collection piece as opposed to foil stamping that is a thin sticker of foil. The luxurious finish of hardware metal allows a complete branding similar to luxe brands that use this method to complete their brand signature. Through this observation, we built a brand that allows each customer to sign off on their own personalisation of our collection pieces.

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