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We proudly provide elevated metallic high-gloss bars to impeccably enhance every item within our collections, adorned with your unique and personalised branding.

About the Brand

Vayne specialises in the crafting and personalisation of genuine and vegan leather accessories. Our core expertise lies in the meticulous customisation of each piece within our collections, featuring personalised engravings of buyers' initials, text, or names elegantly etched onto high-gloss metal bars. Vayne aspires to be recognised as a chic lifestyle brand that curates lifestyle and accessory pieces seamlessly integrated into individuals' everyday lives. Our design philosophy adheres to a minimal yet opulent aesthetic, ensuring that our collection pieces remain timeless and enduring. Our journey at Vayne was born out of a desire to create truly personalised luxury accessories that exude a sense of uniqueness and distinction. While many businesses opt for foil stamping, Vayne elevates the experience by incorporating discreet 3D metal lettering into each collection piece, all at a competitive price point. Our mission is to make luxury accessible to everyone, allowing individuals to enjoy premium pieces without straining their budget.

Vayne Black Vegan Leather Glasses Case Engraved with your Name
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Our Story

At Vayne, our passion for personalised collection pieces paved the way for a unique journey. While many brands limited their customisation options to foil stamping, the Vayne Team recognised the unmet demand for hardware personalisation. This revelation led to the inception of metal personalisation, a distinctive process where each item in our collection is adorned with meticulously crafted metal letters or elegantly engraved on our blank metal bars. Our commitment to delivering an authentic taste of luxury is complemented by our unwavering dedication to exceptional service. At Vayne, we believe that this combination sets us apart, allowing us to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience. Gone are the days when personalised branding was exclusive to large corporations. With hardware personalisation by Vayne, we invite you to create your own bespoke branded collection piece, ensuring that the realm of customised luxury is accessible to all.

What we do

At Vayne, our expertise lies in the art of personalisation, achieved through the use of raised metal letter hardware or skillfully engraved metal bars. This meticulous process elevates each item within our collection, infusing it with your distinctive and personalised branding. While many other brands limit their customisation options to mere foil stamping, at Vayne, we take it a step further by offering exquisite raised metal hardware that exudes both beauty and durability. Enrich your next purchase with a personal touch that radiates luxury, delivering a look and feel that truly stands out from the rest.

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Why we use Metal Hardware

Our hardware metal monogramming technique imparts a robust 3D finish to every item in our collection, setting it apart from the thin, foil-based stamping utilised by other brands. This luxurious hardware finish mirrors the branding excellence seen in prestigious luxury brands that employ a similar method to define their unique identity.

It was this very observation that inspired us to establish a brand that empowers each customer to imbue our collection pieces with their own personalised touch.
We personalise each piece with the utmost precision to guarantee perfection. Employing a high-precision metal engraver, we have the capability to craft intricate images, text, and drawings.
We personalise each piece with the utmost precision to guarantee perfection. Employing a high-precision metal engraver, we have the capability to craft intricate images, text, and drawings.

Proudly Australian Owned

Situated in the vibrant city of Perth, we take pride in being an Australian business that values honesty, friendliness, and attentiveness to your needs.

Engraved with Care

Each order is meticulously engraved with utmost care, ensuring a stunning finish that precisely matches your expectations upon receipt.

Small Business Quality

We are a small business which means we take pride in every order we send out. You and your needs are important to us.

Personalised Service

As a small business, we take great pride in every order we dispatch, ensuring personalised attention and care in every detail.

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