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Valentines Days Gifts: Dos and Don’ts

Valentines Days Gifts: Dos and Don’ts

Today I have compiled a list of does and don’ts for Valentines' gifts to avoid an unsavory response from your other half or crush, on what should be a very romantic day ahead.


Don’ts: Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are a big No when it comes to giving a sophisticated gift to your loved one this valentine. A stuffed animal screams three things, immaturity, no sense of creativity and finally laziness. If you are going to give a stuffed animal. Team the gift with a purpose. Whether it be a stuffed toy that resembles you or a stuffed toy that is linked to a memory. A stuffed animal although cute is also generic and does not express love and gratitude for the person in your life in the way that a personalized gift would.


Don’t: Roses

A bouquet of roses although a huge part of valentines and millions are sold every year, in particular on this day is a big no from us and Il tell you why. Roses die. It is as simple as that. A gift of roses is not only another generic gift, but the fact they wither and eventually die is another example of why you should not give roses on valentine’s day. Also, there are thorns all over them paired with their overpriced cost for the amount of time that they last are yet another reason. You want to give a gift of your relationship that symbolizes everlasting love and not temporary overpriced love. Instead, opt for some sort of living plant such as succulents or orchids in a pot. This way it will be a lasting and constant reminder to your love every time they look at it for years to come. Something with low effort but growth potential like your relationship or romance with your love.


Don’t: Restaurant

Restaurants at times can so expensive on valentine’s day. To make matters worse, most offer a prefixed menu that is overpriced and underwhelming. Not only that, but you are forced to sit among a pool of tables of other couples trying to get the same treatment. We hardly think this is unique or romantic. Instead, opt for a romantically cooked meal together at home or a romantic picnic at the botanical gardens, or even better opt for a comedy show or theater show. Not only is this something that you probably don’t often do, but a nice surprise and difference to what is expected.



However, you choose to spend your Valentine's day, just remember that the best gift to give is your time and effort and lots of love. Happy Valentines Day!

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