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The Do's and Dont's of a Wedding Guest

The Do's and Dont's of a Wedding Guest

Yup, it’s that time of the year again and the invitation screams wedding season all over it. You open the invitation and unfold a list of dos. “Do wear evening cocktail attire, do book a room at the venue, do, do, do.” The does are a great indicator of what you should do to keep as a polite guest, but nothing tells you what not to do. There are no don’t do’s. You think to yourself, Maybe I will wear that white dress that I deem casual; Maybe I should wear those six inch stilettos. Is my dress too short? Will my jewellery blind everyone? Maybe, maybe, maybe.


Here at Vayne Accessories we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts as a wedding guest to ensure you stay the polite, chic guest that you want and aspire to be for any wedding. As they always say, what makes a lady is not what she looks like, but how she makes people feel, and when it comes to being a guest, dressing and acting appropriately at a wedding is the true mark of a wedding. And you may never know, help attract that single best man that’s been eying you out the whole evening.


DO: Follow the dress code for all weddings.

Do follow the dress code. Out of respect to the bride, following the dress code not only says, I read your invitation and respect your special day, but also says, it is your day and your rules. If the wedding is a cultural affair, dress appropriately keeping in mind cultural sensitivities and appropriateness. I once went to a Malay (Muslim) wedding in Malaysia and before I attended the wedding, I researched and asked the invitees what was appropriate to wear to the wedding. I was told to cover my legs and wear a long sleeve top. There were no requirements for me to cover my hair. If I had not asked, I would have assumed I needed to cover my hair out of respect. So check with the invitee before making assumptions. Sometimes over-thinking the requirements would lead to unnecessary headaches and possibly inappropriate attire.

DO: Add a personalised touch to your fashion style.

I believe if you are going to make the effort to dress for an occasion, make sure you finish your style off with a personalised touch. Semi-formal? Take out a nice dress or jumpsuit with a pair of heels and your favourite bracelet or purse. Formal? Go for a more luxurious cut and fabric like silk with a pair of sandal stilettos. Black tie? Bust out a gown or a chic female suit. Wedding on the beach? Wear a light sundress teamed with a chic hat. You get the idea.

DO: Statement accessories with class. No bling factor.

Elegant statement accessories can turn any outfit from loud to refined. Pick accessories that complement the occasion. Adding over the top accessories that shine, shine, could easily turn your style from wedding attire to a night out attire. When it comes to jewellery, keep it simple. No complex colours and stick with one metal colour. If you do choose to wear earrings with colour and shine, make sure they are statement studs as opposed to dangles. That way they do not distract anyone from seeing you as a whole.

Check out Naomi Campbells minimalistic yet classy jewellery that is teamed with her fascinator.

DO: Pack a pair of sandals or choose heels you can stand in for hours.

Dancing is a must at most weddings, and the idea of breaking out your dance moves after wearing those heels for the past 5 hours, could make your eyes water. We recommend you take a pair of dressy sandals or wear heels (such as wedges or heels with straps) that you know you can wear for at least 10 hours. Even though, take a pair of dressy sandals just in case.

DON’T: Carry a bulky bag. Do carry a clutch.

Nothing says too casual than a bulky bag. Do carry a clutch or small bag that at least matches or complements your outfit. If you are wearing pastels, feel free to take a pastel colour bag. The bag should be quite to your outfit, yet fashionable when noticed. Plus, no one wants to carry around a bulky bag when taking photos and pairing your attire with a basic tote bag screams “I gave up on fashion, as soon as I picked the bag”.


DON’T: Wear white to a wedding.

This is an interesting point as I have been to many weddings where some guests have worn white to the wedding. However, trust me when I say, the bride will notice if you are wearing white. It’s a common formality for respectful wedding guests to never wear a white dress to a wedding. This is because tradition says that white would appear to be in competition with the bride as the bride should always be the one to stand out on her wedding day.

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