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Choosing High Quality Clothes and Accessories

Choosing High Quality Clothes and Accessories

Today I want to talk about the construction of high-quality clothes and or accessories that justify their overall durability and longevity. These fibers combined with a lot of these points that we will mention below are really beneficial for finding a high-quality piece regardless of your budget. I’m sure you know price is not always an indicator of quality and often times its very easy in today's day and age to get overwhelmed by a high verse low price tag as an indication of quality. So I hope I can dispel some of the myths for you arm you with some points to make you a more conscious shopper in the future.


Added Lining

I love lining on most of my structured pieces like blazers, jackets, coats, skirts, and pants. I think that it is just a beautiful finish and really helps stretch the longevity of the piece because your skin isn’t rubbing directly on the garment. It makes it a lot easier to care for and I find it just lays a lot nicer on my body so I always like to look out for a lined key piece especially if the key pieces lining is made of natural fibers. 


Matching Patterns and Lines

When it comes to patterns, make sure everything is lined correctly. If you like florals and stripes make sure that on the seams, everything matches. That is, along the shoulders and along the side. If the pattern and lines are off it just speaks to the amount of time and care that was taken to create that piece. If the time was taken to match everything, then typically you can assume a lot more care was taken on the overall construction.


High-Quality Zippers

Nothing beats a well-made zipper. Look for a durable zipper that slides easily and is made of metal. Always check to see if garments have metal zippers and also run it up and down a couple of times to make sure that it moves smoothly and there are no snag.


Strong and Neat Seams

One of the best ways to spot a high verse low-quality key piece is to look at its seams. The seams speak volumes of the overall construction of the garment and its one of the first things that you should check. Tug the garment slightly to make sure it doesn't fall apart. Also, look to see if it bounces back. This shows that it has an appropriate give. After all our human bodies are not stationary so it is important that the pieces move with you. Also hold it up to the light slightly and make sure that you cannot see very clearly through the stitches. That is an indicator that is was constructed poorly. Look for snags and uneven stitching. This is an indication that it was poorly constructed. All these little details are indicators of how well the pieces are going to last through washes and wears.


Even and Secure Buttons

The power of a great button can really transform a piece so just by swapping out a low-quality button to a high-quality button can make a piece fantastic. But beyond that,  look at the garment make sure that the buttons are lined up and securely attached. Often times in a lower quality key piece, you’ll find that the buttons are made a little too big for the buttonhole and that can cause the buttonhole to wear out quickly. Make sure that everything is neat and no button is off-center.


Extra Buttons and Thread

Extra buttons and threads are usually indicators of a garment that has been made to last and the person creating it has really designed it to be mended. So, they have wanted it to be around for a long time so you can replace things and repair things as necessary rather than disposing of them. Also, it is a lovely touch as it helps cut down on the frustration of having to track down the exact same thread or the exact same button if you do run into an issue to repair.


Choose Natural Fibers

When it comes to high-quality clothing that stands the test of time, I love natural fibers. they wear well, last a long time, are easier to care for and are comfortable. The list goes on and on. High-quality garments teamed with natural fiber are really an added bonus. It helps stretch the longevity of the piece and is key for a piece that you want to have around for a long time.


So, once you start noticing these key indicators of quality in clothing and accessories, you will not only be making better decisions for your style but also be better informed as to the quality and durability of your next purchase.

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