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Affordable gifts she will love under $50.

Affordable gifts she will love under $50.

Ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are fast approaching, and personally I am pretty excited to not only start planning for gifts but to start the shopping process to make sure all gifts get to me on time. Now, regardless if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or practice any other religion, it is never a bad time to give a gift that clearly says, “Hey, I was thinking of you and I hope you like it.” Spread some holiday cheer by considering one of our selected must give items from our online store. Our personalised accessories are all metal monogrammed with the recipients’ name or initials to truly create a gift that keeps giving through individuality and luxury.


Here at Vayne Accessories we have compiled a list of personalised accessories all for under the low price of $50 teamed with free shipping. Yup, that’s right! Not only do you get a luxurious gift for under $50, we will also deliver it to your chosen location anywhere in the world for free. So get scrolling, and start shopping.


Personalised Clutch Wristlet Wallet

Our personalised clutch wristlet wallet comes in four colours and is perfect for that lady that loves quality and functionality. The clutch has two gold zippers and can be taken out day to night effortlessly. It can fit all phones and wallets. Not only does the clutch bag come with a wristlet strap, but it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free convenience. This versatile clutch is genuine leather and can be customised with your name or initials in your choice of three metal letters located on the face of the bag of your choosing.

The clutch is only $49.95 teamed with free delivery worldwide. Click here to start shopping.


Personalised Long Wallet (Genuine Leather)

Do you have someone in your life that just needs a new wallet! You know, the mum or friend or sister that has a wallet that is way past its use-by date. You have cash falling out of it and receipts stockpiled inside for a rainy day (Don’t worry we all do it). Well, do I have the perfect wallet for you to give.

Our personalised long wallet is made from genuine cow leather and is secured with a zip-around gold zipper. Our wallets come in a variety of colours and all internally come complete with zipper pockets, card pockets and money sleeves. The colours we currently offer are black, dark brown, orange-brown, blush pink, purple, and red. Our zip around wallet ensures you can securely store your valuables such as money, phone and coins without having the dreaded issue of your valuables falling out.

Click here to check out our latest collection of personalised long wallets in genuine leather. Our leather wallets are only $49.95 with free delivery worldwide.


Personalised Wristlet Clutch Wallet (Genuine Leather)

Another very popular item we sell is our personalised wristlet clutch wallets. This potential gift is only $39.95 and is perfect for the individual that likes clutches that can go from day to night with minimal effort. The clutch is the perfect size to fit your phone, cards and money along with makeup supplies for a handy accessory bag that has a minimal yet classy look. This product is a safe, yet luxurious way to gift and is sure to make all women of all ages happy.

Our personalised wristlet clutch is only $39.95 with free delivery for orders up to $50 worldwide and free delivery for orders in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Click here to start shopping. The wristlet clutch comes in a variety of colours such as black, navy, brown, blush and purple.


Personalised Make-up Bag

I love make-up, and upwards of $100 a pop per item, the last thing I would want is to have that expensive item housed in a bag that is just plain, blah. If your recipient is into makeup or you are planning of purchasing them makeup that they have been requested for a while. Why not team it up with a personalised metal monogrammed makeup bag. There is nothing better than receiving a makeup as a gift in a bag that is also personalised in metal monogramming. Whether it be your initials or name, our very popular makeup bag keeps flying off the shelves.


Our personalised make-up bags are only $29.95 and come in three colours. The colours include, ruby, black and pink.  Click here to start shopping.


Personalised Petite Wallet Clutch (Genuine Leather)

Do you have female clients that you want to impress? Our personalised metal monogrammed petite wallet is the perfect gift. Take your gifting to the next level with each gift personally monogrammed to give a more thoughtful and luxurious gift to your clients. Email us for a corporate price for orders over five pieces.

At only $29.95 and cheaper for orders over five pieces, our personalised metal monogrammed clutch wallets are the perfect gift for your female clients, friend or loved one. The clutch wallet comes in three colours that include black, red and blush. Click here to start shopping online.


I hope this list outlines the potential of personalised gifts at a low price point. Not only do your accessories not break the bank, but they also are beautifully made and beautifully metal monogrammed. At Vayne | Accessories, we are known for metal monogramming our collection piece over foil stamping to ensure quality, luxury and just plain chic classiness!

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