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5 ways to always look Chic and Polished!

5 ways to always look Chic and Polished!

I want to talk about five ways to help you always to look chic and polished in your everyday life. Whatever your goal is, there are some of the times that you should apply to your everyday life to help you achieve the put-together look.


1. Always stick to 3 colours per outfit

Firstly, stick to no more than three colours in your outfit. ow, of course, this is a very general rule but in my experience, three colours is a really good sweet spot., it ensures that you have some variety in your outfit and so it's not so drab and not too lifeless but it also prevents it from going too overboard so you don't feel overpowered by your clothing. by sticking to this you look very thoughtful. you look like you know exactly what you are doing. so to make it very simple, I like to pair two neutral with one accent colour. the neutrals ensure that I have a really firm base to my outfit and the accent colour gives me a little personality. so because of my personal style and my personal preference, my base colours tend to be a black, white, grey, camel or navy and then my accent colours are maroon, burgundy colour and typically a little bit of green and then a lighter blue. and all of that plays very nicely together. And when I stick to the rule of three to colours, I can mix and match endlessly and never feel overwhelmed and chic.


2. Plan your outfit

This next one is probably one of my favourites. that is to plan your outfits. when I started doing this for my personal style it completely transformed things. I not only felt better about the clothes that I had but I was able to put together really great outfits in a pinch so I definitely recommend spending the time to go on Pinterest and search for some of your favourite wardrobe pieces, like a great pair of jeans. and then save those images and then play around with them with your own closet and snap pictures of anything that is really fantastic and save it in a folder on your phone and when you go to get dressed and you are feeling stuck, go back to those pictures and you will have at your disposal such an amazing selection of outfits. It is so beneficial I cannot tell you the improvement it has had and I definitely encourage you to do the same. 



3. Shoes make a difference

In my experience shoes really have the ability to transform an outfit. So I have a couple of outfit formulas that I rely on. Things like a shirt and jeans and just when I am changing out my shoes I change the whole vibe of that outfit so my tip is to swap casual shoes a more dress shoe. Something a little bit more polish. so instead of a sneaker, maybe something that you wear over time, something that looks tattered, swap that with a slingback, ballet slippers something that takes our outfit to the next level. it will transform how you look at your wardrobe. Every time I swap shoes I am so happy with the results as it has the ability to transform my outfit. 



4. Accessories matter

Do not ignore accessories. We spend a lot of time cultivating our closets and really focus on basics but when it comes down to it the things that really make an outfit and transform your personal style and set you apart are accessories. Things like scarves, great earings, a watch, ring, your favourite burette or hair accessories such as a hat are all at our disposal and are things that can really be the missing piece to a great outfit. So I know that when I get dressed and I put on my basics I feel ok about my outfit, I really feel fantastic about my outfit the second I add an accessory. I have quite a few in my wardrobe and so I recommend building that for yourself and really trying to pinpoint what those are for you whether it is a hairpiece, scarf. Have fun with them and use them to enhance personal style.



5. Texture makes a difference

Wear at least two textures in every outfit. This is especially helpful if you really love to wear the same colour all from head to tow and monochromatic outfits are your thing, then you will really love this one. If by changing up the texture of just one piece you add visual interest and your outfit goes from a little bit monomer to really great. I really love to do this with textures like chunky nets and denim and leather and faux fur and things that add that pop to your outfit are lovely. even something and simple and wearing a sweater and adding a different texture in a hair accessory or a silk scarf. That contrast really makes your outfit great. so anytime I am stuck on what to wear, I will pick the same colour in my top and my bottom and then change up the texture in at least one of them. It never fails.



When all is said is done the difference between your love and outfit you aren't so happy with is the styling. You can be wearing the exact same thing as someone else can look different to how you styled it on your body with your own personal taste. So my recommendation is to never negate styling. Such as popping your collar tucking things in, wearing things lose or oversized. These are all things that we have in our control and they are all things that make your outfits look very thoughtful. The things that translate directly into your personal style and when people look at you they see all of those thoughtful touches. They might not register every single one individually but they will see the whole picture and read "wow" she really understands what works for her.


I hope this has helped you get an idea or understanding of the simple rules that you can apply to your everyday life to help you look chic and polished. 


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